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50 Hours Yin Fascial Yoga Teacher Training Course (Energetic Subtle Body)


This training is about an in depth study of energetics of Fascia and 5 elements Qigong combined applied to  Yin Fascial Yoga for complete practice and teachings.

We will explore the energetic quality of the Chakra and TCM meridian system throughout it’s emotional, physical & Psychological development.

This is an understanding of how trauma is stored in the fascial system using the knowledge of the chakras and meridian as healing modality.

A very important piece of this program in relation to understand and feel Fascia!

What is in this training?

  • Understanding Trauma release related to fascia
  • Lectures on Chakra development and it’s relationship to yin yoga
  • Knowledge on TCM Meridians and Organ system relationships to health.
  • Learning how to center and Cultivate our energy body with Qigong.
  • Learning how to Circulate energy through the meridians and Microcosmic Orbit.
  • Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous system with Embryonic Breathing.
  • Understanding how to Energetically cleanse the Organs and Meridians.
  • Using Acupoints to open and stimulate the Organs and Meridians.
  • The art of teaching – How to teach with confidence and hold a safe space in the yoga room
  • Mindfulness meditation practice to help hold a mindful space in the practice
  • Yin Fascial Yoga sequences related to Chakras and meridians
  • 5 elements Qigong sequences applied to YFY practice
  • Applied energetic Fascia Anatomy and physiology
  • A self-transformation practice

What will you get out of this training?

  • Understand the Fascia Anatomy and Physiology
  • Understand Chakra development and healing
  • Understand how Trauma works related to fascial tissues
  • More self – confidence for your teachings
  • Experience a profound energetic subtle practice
  • Optimize the Immune system and bone growth understanding Bone Marrow and its relation to energetic health.
  • Understand the Fascia movement concepts
  • An understanding of the TCM Meridian system and how to circulate energy.
  • A Deep practice to energetically center and cultivate a deep feeling of oneness.
  • How to boost your levels of Qi and guide it to areas in the body for deeper healing benefits.
  • How to release stagnant energy causing pain in the Fascia, and guide healthy Qi into these areas.
  • Learn how to convert unbalanced Qi into health Qi that nurtures our energy system.
  • Understand how emotions are the seat of most Pathology in TCM and how to Balance them.
  • Understand how different Qualities of the way we think are directly influenced by the TCM organ system.
  • Learn the Different energetic cycles used in the 5 Element System, and use them directly in the practises.


50 hours training
Regular – 800 euros
Early Bird discount until April 17th – 720 euros
Deposit of 250 euros to secure your place.

Please see below the prices for the accommodation, food, and amenities at Quinta da Calma Retreat Center, Algarve – Portugal

Quinta Da Calma opened its doors over 35 years ago as one of the first ever yoga and holistic health retreats in Europe by Sylta Kalmbach.  Sylta was a pioneer in the world of wellness by showing her guests how they could heal themselves through the food they ate and by  leading a healthy lifestyle. All these years later, Quinta Da Calma is still dedicated to providing a healing & caring experience to those who visit us.

Please book your accommodation with us! 

The prices includes 6 nights sleep, daily brunch, snack and dinner. 

Sharing room with sharing bathroom – 348 euros per person https://quintadacalma.com/quinta-da-calma/rooms/buganvilia/

single room with sharing bathroom – 348 euros per person https://quintadacalma.com/quinta-da-calma/rooms/buganvilia/

Single room in the Cottage – 600 euros per person https://quintadacalma.com/quinta-da-calma/rooms/rondette/

Single bed in the living room in the cottage – 456 euros per person https://quintadacalma.com/quinta-da-calma/rooms/rondette/






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