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ERYT-500 Certified International Yoga Teacher for Adults and Children

Myofascial Release Therapist


Beta Lisboa began her yoga journey in her late teens, and is now the founder of Beta Lisboa – Yoga and Bodywork and Yoga Swaha Kids, where she combines her vast knowledge of the physical body and movement, as well as the more spiritual aspect of yoga and meditation.

Her current areas of interest are in Yin Spiral yoga, inspired by he teachings of Simon Low, Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley. The practice combines the steady aspects of Yin yoga, that acts upon the meridians or energy pathways in the body, as well as the complimentary, more active aspects of Yang Dynamic Flow yoga, which builds core strength and promotes overall muscle health.

Beta also has great experience in Myofascial Release Therapy and incorporates self-myofascial healing techniques into her trainings, making them unique and healing for the students.

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Besides the teachers mentioned above, her main influences have been Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Dharma Mittra and David Swenson, all of which she studied with on her world travels that began in 1993. Beta also took inspiration from Tibetan, Hynayana, and Theravada buddhism and from Advaita Vedanta (teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi) and Tantra, as she lived several years spent in India.

Beta is based in Ubud, Bali and currently runs teacher trainings in Yin Spiral yoga and Kids Yoga, as well as  Myofascial Release Therapy trainings.

Beta’s qualifications:

Beta has a Master’s degree in Health and Wellness with a BS in Physical Education and sports. While working on her undergraduate degree, Beta began studying Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and as a tri-athlete – educated in anatomy, physiology, and sports massage – she was at first drawn to Power yoga.

With her great interest for massage, Ayurveda and healing bodywork, she soon became certified with Beryl Bender Birch of the Soft & Hard Institute, as well as the Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork as a Myofascial Release Therapist. At this time, Beta also became a Reiki master. Later on Beta trained in Bioelectric matrix Craniosacral therapy with Dr. Adolf Brown, and became certified in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage by the method of Kusum Modak.

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betas about me image1 About[pullquote align="left"] “Through my work I hope to share the beauty and simplicity of living with presence in the body, allowing space for life to flow through us and trusting in our inner wisdom” [/pullquote]

On yoga:

“Over the years I have come to realize the benefits of combining a personal yoga practice with bodywork. Yin yoga in itself is a wonderful diagnostic tool for directly experiencing the body and exploring the limits in our range of movement. Tightness, weakness or limitations of some kind indicates a blockage. This can be seen as adhesions or weakness in the muscle tissue or a disruption in the flow of energy through the subtle body. Either way, regular practice enables us to develop awareness, meet our ‘edge’ and over time, gently extend our strength and flexibility. What develops from this is an increased sense of well-being, a deepening of trust and an acceptance that all is exactly as it should be. This process can sometimes be slow and there are times when we all need a little additional support in moving through our personal restrictions. For this reason, in order to create balance and harmony in the mind and body, Yin Spiral yoga is the perfect tool.

My specialty is sensitive and effective mindfulness Kinesthetics approach  in my classes. Assisting students in deepening their Asana practice through enhanced awareness allows the release of long held tension and holding patterns in the body.”

On Myofascial Release Therapy:

“I have found that bodywork can dramatically shift holding patterns of tension, increase flexibility and realign the body. I often work a series of bodywork sessions, focusing specifically on areas of tension and supporting the process of letting go through physical and emotional release work, however that unfolds. Following a course of treatments, clients often feel a sense of structural and energetic integration that impacts all aspects of their lives.”

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On meditation:

“Meditation has become a key aspect of my work, both in yoga and in massage. Through my personal meditation practice I have learned to be present, watching not only what I am doing, but how I’m doing it. I bring this foundation of building presence in my yoga classes, encouraging my students to focus on their breath, and observe what sensations, feelings and emotions arise – without judgment, craving or aversion.”

On teaching:

“My love of yoga and bodywork, personal experience, and the desire to have meaningful work in the world, come together really well in my teachings during yoga workshops, retreats and teacher trainings around the world.  Through my work I hope to share the beauty and simplicity of living with presence in the body, allowing space for life to flow through us and trusting in our inner wisdom.

With my strong foundation in anatomy, exercise physiology and yoga methodology, combined with the intuition I developed through meditation and self-exploration, I integrate East with West in my teaching and bodywork.”


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Video testimonials:

Written testimonials:

  • I feel extremely blessed to have met with Beta Lisboa. She comes from a heart space, caring, compassionate and with a very comprehensive and holistic knowledge of the body. As a Body worker and energetic healer Beta is one of the best I have encountered. I came to Beta after 4 months of continuous pain from a frozen shoulder injury. After months of physio therapy and various other treatments, the pain and lack of mobility had barely improved. After a few sessions with Beta the results were truly remarkable. I fell as though I am walking around in a new body. I have no hesitation in recommending Beta as a therapist. ~ Sandy Malcome, Australia
  • Thank you for generously giving us so much knowledge and love. I feel that I gained back my confidence. This training taught us not only how to teach Kid’s Yoga, but also how Kid’s Yoga teachers should be as a human being. Moreover, it taught us how human beings should be beyond the context of Kid’s Yoga. Thank you so much. My goal is to be able to understand someone from the bottom of my heart and accept him/her like my beloved teacher does. To reach this goal, I will train myself step by step from now on. ~ Tomoko Chonan, Japan
  • Amazing lovely space, great classes, sequences, games, music, knowledge to incorporate. ~ Sarah Ferrer, Spain
  • The Yogaswaha Kids training has been a life change experience on my way, a true joy…. It was just the most amazing supportive and nurturing group. ~ Carla Soares, Brazil
  • Very beautiful class, and incredibly good teacher! she takes care of student’s body and mind deeply. ~ Teru, Japan
  • Well, my name is Mifumi who attended to your 200TT at Shinjuku Tokyo in 2012. I quite appreciate to your great teaching of Yoga, and also assistance of Patty. It was a really fantastic time,and your lecture were all of perfect for me. Actually, I was a beginner of Yoga, -even now- , however, I think that you taught me what Yoga is like altogether. After that, I got your correction of textbook from the office of First Ship by mail a few times. I was impressed by your sincere work. ~ Mifumi Kawabe, Tokyo, Japan
  • Beta taught yoga to our small, cranky group twice a week. She knew all our old injuries well. With her keen attention to correct alignment, how I laughed when she focused on ‘bad back’, or ‘tight hips’. Of course it was payback when my shoulder was the class direction and I was the only one whinging. It was a laughing, cursing, rejuvenating experience. A motley crew, and an amazing teacher. ~ Skid
  • Beta’s gift is not only her knowledge of yoga but also her big big love and words. The words that most impressed me are: “All is your choice”. This is changing my life and my world!! Thank you !!! ~ Satoko, Japan

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