My Approach

My Philosophy

Beta’s life purpose of guiding people through Body and Mind integration processes has been enriched by her many years of expertise in self-development. Passionate about unlocking people's full potential, her approach is personal, thorough, deep, individualized, life-changing and specially suited to those who are curious about and ready for transformation in their lives.

Beta believes that what manifests within is also what is shown to us in our 'outer' world. Thus her guiding mantra has become 'the body knows,' a simple yet profound realization that we must tune in and listen to our physical selves for answers on matters of health, wellness and spiritual truth.

A number of health systems and modalities are covered in Beta's work, including elements of Myofascial Release Therapy, Vital Essence Trauma Release Breathwork, Chakra Healing Awareness and Mindfulness.

Participants can benefit from Beta's experience by choosing from:


Complete the entire Dynamic Spiral and Yin Fascial Yoga Educational Program or choose from individual modules. Yoga Swaha Kids is based in Bali and offers 100 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher training programs.
Read more about the next teacher training courses taking place around the world.

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Private sessions are designed to take a holistic approach to healing and health through conscious movement, yoga, Qi Gong and many more elements. Contact Beta to book your personalized private session.

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Beta travels the world sharing her knowledge in her workshops, retreat programs and teacher trainings. Take a closer look at the beautiful retreat locations and upcoming dates

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Rebalancing the entire system is more than treating the symptoms. Find out how Beta can help you rediscover your motivation, focus and life’s purpose through a customized daily program based on mindfulness

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Empathetic Leadership & Self-Care Trainings

This Immersion is designed for professionals who are looking for self-development skills to empower their abilities to hold a grounded, empathetic, more efficient space when working with individual clients or groups.

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