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The Path to Intimacy – A couples Retreat

Feb 29th to March 7th, 2020 

We are offering a luxurious embodiment experience for couples who desire to immerse yourself in beauty, nourishment, intimacy, sensuality, joy and gain tools for your love and connection to yourself and each other. 

Step into the sun drenched tropical eco-resort of Casa Paraiso Verde in the stunning beach of Serra Grande. Enjoy organic food, luxurious cottages accommodation, and total safety and privacy. Step out of the stress of the routine, and awaken yourselves surrounded by pristine nature and sparkling ocean.

You and your beloved are invited to a rich journey of body-heart-mind opening practices and enlivening partner play, as well as men’s and women’s self-practice for cultivating your individual power, energy and sensual core.

Explore daily workshops in Dynamic Spiral and Yin Yoga, Qigong, Authentic Movement, Trauma Healing Breathwork, Mindfulness, Ceremonies and Conscious Intimacy practices. Each class and technique is specifically designed to empower your unique and individual masculine and feminine energy and enrich intimate union. 

Come away from this retreat energised and grounded with tools to be empowered and meet the relationship challenges with grace, to communicate your deepest desires with clarity, and expand the frontiers of your erotic potential together. 

Real Intimacy is a Sacred Experience! 

For whom is this retreat? 

  • For couples with desire to reconnect with each other with grace and presence 
  • To acquire tools to create a better communication in your couples relationship 
  • To experience Loving each other again
  • Who wants to rekindle the spark again 
  • Remember the feeling when you first met 
  • Who wants to take a special holiday together 
  • Immerse in the love bubble 
  • Give your relationship a gift ( offer a gift to your relationship) 
  • Celebrate togetherness
  • Who wants to cultivate life force’s energy through sexuality 
  • Wants to learn how to date again 

What are we offering? 

  • Morning Yoga and Qigong 
  • Couples Yoga and Couples Qigong afternoon 
  • Qigong for man’s energy cultivation 
  • Jade egg workshop for women 
  • Tantric and Taoist wisdom for couples 
  • Vital Essence Breathwork with heart meditation 
  • Ritual Cacau and Five Elements Dance 
  • Afrodisiac natural herbs touching & massaging journey 
  • Tantric communication workshop 
  • Consensual touch workshop 
  • Dating dinner night 
  • Awakening the senses workshop 
  • A sensual afternoon learning how to prepare delightful treats 
  • Boat trip to waterfall 
  • Togetherness water journey 
  • Experience intimacy with specific workshops 
  • Experience intimacy through Yoga and Qigong practices 
  • Sharing circle 

Some Special information

This retreat group will be very intimate with a limited number of 6 couples.

This retreat is only for couples and Non-gender specific. It is for couples who are looking to deepen their relationship. 

There will be no nudity activities in group

The environment we create will respect each one as an individual, their boundaries, limits and desires. 

A Plant Medicine (Ayuasca) ceremony will be organised with a Brazilian Shaman for two days right after the retreat finishes on March 8th & 9th. For more information please ask us directly!


Day 1 – Arrival 

6:30 pm – Welcome dinner 

Day 2, 3,4 

7:30 am – 9:30am – Yoga or Qigong class 

10am – brunch 

11:30am – 1:30pm – Intimacy workshops 

1:30pm – 4pm – Free time for swimming, village visit, waterfalls, rivers or simple rest and enjoy

4pm – 6pm – Couples yoga, Couples Qigong, Couples movement exploration 

6:30pm – Dinner 

8pm – 10pm – Evening sessions (Cacao ceremony, Ecstatic dance, fire ceremony, sensual touch, intimacy workshops) 

Day 5 

7:30 am – 9:30am – Yoga or Qigong class 

10am – brunch 

11am – boat trip with waterfall stop and lunch out

5pm – return from boat trip

7pm – Dinner

No evening program! Take the evening to connect with your lover! 

Day 6 

7:30 am – 9:30am – Yoga or Qigong class 

10am – brunch 

11:30am – 1:30pm – Intimacy workshops 

4pm – 6pm – Couples yoga, Couples Qigong, Couples movement exploration ….

7pm – Dating dinner and fire ceremony 

Day 7 

7:30 am – 9:30am – Yoga or Qigong class 

10am – brunch 

11am – Closing circle 

Lunch will be served at 2pm if you would like to stay and hang out! 


Retreat Package: 

Early bird until October 15th – 6200 euros per couple ( 3100 euros per person) 

Regular price after October 15th – 6700 euros 

Register here! 

Price includes: 

Seven nights in a luxurious beautiful bungalow 

Check the stunning location of Casa Paraiso Verde here

All delicious healthy meals 

Lunch and dinner on the first day, breakfast and lunch on the last day, from day 2 to day 7 brunch, mid day snack and dinner. 

Pick up from and to Ilheus airport

Boat trip

Retreat program

Special dating dinner

Price doesn’t include: 


Extra private transportation