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Trauma Healing Facilitator Training

50-hrs Vital Essence Breathwork and Wheel of Consent Training

June 17th to 23rd 2019 (Algarve, Portugal)

Mirrors lose their shine if they’re not cared for. After reflecting the light of clients or colleagues, leaders need to be aware of when is time to take care of themselves.

Kahlil Gibran

How does it feel to open into a new space of self-love, acceptance and clear boundaries for yourself and your clients?

Are you ready to take a step into looking at your wounds and letting go of old patterns?

Do you feel tired, heavy, or lack of energy after holding space for group or individual sessions?

Are you looking for ways to share your gifts with ease and generosity?

This training is designed to guide you into a shamanic journey through layers of the Se  lf and to emerge integrated and ready to hold space for your clients in a safe and healthy way. We trust that each offering is an opportunity to dive into this specific and deep work.

In my inner journey, I have known times when a client has left me free of pain, and I, in the next morning, would wake up with his pain in my own body. After twenty years of practice I have learned to understand that this phenomenon is, in fact, common in the healing world. When we open ourselves to emotional transfer of large groups of people or individuals with severe trauma, we receive much of the energy processed during the healing moments. Through my daily yoga practice and some very effective techniques, I have developed ways to protect myself from the waves of the self-healing cycle.

Every facilitator who takes responsibility for the emotions of others will experience some form of burnout at some point. Acknowledging this is important, as is to equip ourselves with the right tools to care and bring us back to centre.

Once we are grounded, centered, focused and present, we can give our best to those to whom we hold space for, and co-create a clear, neutral and strong  atmosphere in which others can shine. When we understand how to heal ourselves, we learn to offer from a place of generosity and compassion.

This is training is for you if you are

  • Holding space for any kind of sessions, including yourself
  • Bodyworker
  • Yoga teacher
  • Therapists
  • Tantra practitioner/therapist
  • Sex & Intimacy Coach
  • Looking for personal transformation
  • Practitioners using other body-based modalities

What is offered in this module

10 breathwork sessions

The Four Quadrants of The Wheel of consent

The Polyvagal theory (Sympathetic & parasympathetic NS)

TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)

Grounding and discharging exercises from Qigong & Yoga

Mindfulness meditations

Techniques we will offer you

  1.   Vital Essence Trauma Healing Breathwork-Breathwork provides a transformative healing process. Using shamanic techniques, the client is inspired to find and waken the power of healing within.

    Once old wounds and traumatic events are released and transformed, individuals begin to find the lost soul and remember the magic of who they truly are. This process is a true call to ones full potential to bring wholeness and healing back into their own lives, to those they love, and even to the whole world.

    With daily sessions during the training, you will experience at same time the power of the breathing as well as holding space for each other.

  1. The Wheel of Consent-When it comes to relating, the Wheel of Consent is a model that distinguishes between the «doing» aspect of any dynamic – who is doing – and the «gift» aspect – who it is for.

    Once the distinction between those two aspects is clear, the entire dynamic becomes ease bringing sensuality, confidence, self-responsibility and freedom to the interaction. We guide you through somatic activities in which you experience each of the four quadrants of the Wheel of Consent. Your experience then becomes the foundation for understanding the Wheel and using it in your own sessions.

  1. Polyvagal TheoryThe polyvagal theory describes the autonomic nervous system that is influenced by the central nervous system. This is related with sensitive to afferent influences, characterised by an adaptive reactivity dependent on the phylogeny of the neural circuits, and interactive with source nucleus in the brainstem regulating the striated muscles of the face and head.

    This theory is dependent on the knowledge describing the phylogenetic transitions in the vertebrate autonomic nervous system. Its specific focus is on the phylogenetic shift between reptiles and mammals that resulted in specific changes on the pathways regulating the heart. The source of the primary vagal efferent pathways regulating the heart shifted from the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus in reptiles, to the nucleus ambiguus in mammals, a face–heart connection evolved with emergent properties of a social engagement system that would enable social interactions to regulate visceral state.

  2. In addition, daily practices will be offered based on Yoga, Qigong, Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE),  active meditations and Mindfulness to create self- regulation, rebalance, energise and bring ourselves back to presence.


Classes start on the 17th in the afternoon and complete on the morning of the 23rd June.


Please bring a pair of tennis balls, all other props will be provided by the yoga studio

About the location

Quinta da Calma Retreat Center, Algarve – Portugal

Please see below the prices for the accommodation, food, and amenities.

Quinta Da Calma opened its doors over 35 years ago as one of the first ever yoga and holistic health retreats in Europe by Sylta Kalmbach.  Sylta was a pioneer in the world of wellness by showing her guests how they could heal themselves through the food they ate and by leading a healthy lifestyle. All these years later, Quinta Da Calma is still dedicated to providing a healing & caring experience to those who visit us.


All participants are required to stay at Quinta da Calma for this training. Please book your accommodation with us.

The prices includes 6 nights sleep, daily brunch, snack and dinner and will be added to the training fee.

Sharing room with sharing bathroom 348€ per pax: https://quintadacalma.com/quinta-da-calma/rooms/buganvilia/

Single room in the Cottage  600€ per pax: https://quintadacalma.com/quinta-da-calma/rooms/rondette/

Single bed in the living room in the cottage – 456€ per pax: https://quintadacalma.com/quinta-da-calma/rooms/rondette/

Deposit required

A deposit amount of 500€ is required to reserve a spot in the training (payment in installments is available, they can e-mail me at contactbetalisboa2016@gmail.com)

Your course fee doesn’t include

Flight or transfer from airport.


Investment – 1599 euros



Refund Policy


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