Violeta, The Yoga Lovers

Beta’s touch is soft like a feather, yet strong to hold you. Her treatments are working on levels that I didn’t know existed. She supported me tremendously on my healing path. Thank you for the sessions and teachings Beta!


Anya, Live Love Raw

I’ve had several myofascial treatments with Beta and they are just out of this world, I’ve never felt anything like it before. She really knows exactly where to press to release tension and I feel so much better after her sessions. I would recommend it to anyone!


Sasha, marketing consultant

I loved working with Beta. Over a series of dynamic, immersive sessions, we used a number of technologies to affect deep change, insight and opening at the level of the body. Beta is authentic and heartfelt, and I can highly recommended her for anyone looking for a profound and nourishing somatic experience.


Skid More, writer, comedian and performance artist

It was a collective healing effort. Beta taught me how to help her, help me, with my breath. I had tried a lot of modalities over the years following my bike accident. And in three sessions of myofascial release, Beta managed to get deep into my damaged shoulder and restore the mobility I hadn’t had…


Liza, Liza Lilintahl Devotional Kirtan

Beta’s treatments are just amazing. She knows exactly what parts of the body need work and how to help them release tension and trauma in a very safe and effective way. I always feel so much lighter after her sessions.