300 Hour Dynamic Spiral & Yin Yoga Training Program

The 300 Hour Yin Fascial Yoga advanced program is a complete study in the undestanding of the three main elements that compose the Yin fascial yoga system. It is an in depth more detailed teaching leading towards a subtler extension of the 200 hour Spiral & Yin Fascial Yoga certificate. The 300 hour program is offered in 3 separate 100 hour modules in order to give the students time for this in depth study to teach with greater skill than is achieved in a 200 hour registered yoga teacher.

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What is in this program?

Yin Fascial Yoga System

Mindfulness meditation and lectures

Myofascial Release Therapy applied for YFY

Subtle body studies – Chakras & Meridians

Introduction to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

DaoYin (a Daoist system of techniques for regulation of the Body, the Breath and the Mind)

Byodynamic breath work sessions

Trauma release introduction lectures towards YFY

Applied anatomy and physiology studies

*YFY – Yin Fascial Yoga

The program will provide you with comprehensive lessons  to deepen and enhance your teaching skills  on the physical, energetic and causal  bodies  through a series of lectures, hands-on practice, practical demonstrations and videos. It is consistently sought after by yoga practitioners and teachers looking to deepen or transform their practice.

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Who is this program for?

It particularly appeals to students seeking a holistic understanding of physical and energetic benefits of a balanced yoga practice and lifestyle. It is useful to students and teachers who are intrigued by the psychosomatic trauma release experience and would like to bring this to their teaching and practice. A great strength of this program lies in the diversity of presented  subjects, meticulously taught by high standard of professional teachers.

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What is the Yin Fascial Yoga – Subtle Body training? 

The Subtle Body Training is a study and practice of the Chakras and meridians system applied to Yin yoga. More often experienced as emotions, thoughts and sometimes seen and felt as the Auric field. Qi and prana are two terms used in Daoism and Hinduism to refer to the Life Force energy that makes up the subtle body. 

What is this module about?

  • Connecting to a more refined subtler experience of our human make up
  • A profound journey into the chakras and meridian pathways
  • Direct experience of the subtle body through the medium of the Qi (energy) Gong (practice)
  • learning and practicing how to structure class sequences based on the understanding of the functions of the subtle body
  • Encountering the qualities of the subtle body fluctuations in relation to symptoms of the Fascial System
  • Understanding the psycho/emotional connection to the physical body
  • learning the relationships of the organs and meridians and their application to Yin Fascial Yoga
  • Understanding the Daoist energy body
  • Becoming familiar and more perceptive to the quality of the subtle energies
  • Learning how to work with energy pathologies caused by traumatic events

What is in this module? 

  •  Study of the Subtle body anatomy from Yogic and Daoist perspective
  • Mindfulness Meditations (Vipasana)
  • How to apply the Myofascial Release balls to open the fascia to release energetic stagnation
  • Lessons on Chakra and Meridians to integrate into Yin Fascial Yoga classes
  • Five elements Qigong in relation to the Dantiens and meridians
  • Byodynamic breathwork session
  • Daoist  guided visualisations and meditation
  • Personal evaluation of each students teaching abilities in the final assessment

What are you getting from this module?

  • Ability to integrate chakra and meridians into your Yin Yoga classes
  • Confidence to structure personalised and safe Yin Fascial Yoga
  • Confidence in  how to manipulate  connective tissue and fascial matrix
  • Clear understanding of the Subtle body anatomy
  • Embodied integration of Daoism, TCM, 5 element relationships and the meridian system
  • More self -confidence and skills for your teachings
  • Teaching from a space of personal expression and inner voice
  • An essencial foundation for the Subtle Body and Mindfulness modules
  • A life changing personal developmentRecommended books

Further information required?

This program teaches healing practices and methodologies for those who are overcoming traumas, or psychic obstacles, as well as those working with trauma-afflicted clients. This course also attracts practitioners and yoga teachers who are interested in learning or expanding their knowledge of the energetic body.

This module is an important part of the 300 Hour Yin Fascial Yoga program, and its main focus is in the subtle body connection to the yin yoga postures.          

The aim of this program is to enhance your bodywork skills through an understanding of the connection of body and mind. This course appeals to practitioners and yoga teachers who are interested in learning or expanding their knowledge of the energetic body with its application to  the yin fascial yoga classes and to bodyworkers and therapists who want to learn new techniques or fine tune their abilities.

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What is Mindfulness? 

In practical terms mindfulness means maintaining through compassion, love and kindness a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. Investigating with intimate attention towards non judgmental acceptance, we pay constant attention to our thoughts and feelings, witnessing without rejecting or grasping. Allowing old patterns based in suffering to dissolve into equanimity.

When we practice mindfulness, our awareness tunes into something much deeper than that of our everyday scattered thoughts. Allowing space for the truth of what we’re sensing in the present moment to rise to the surface, softening into ever deepening states of openness and compassion.

This 100 hour YIN YOGA training integrates MINDFULNESS into your Yoga practice, Yoga teachings and your Life!

What you get in this training ?

A clear concise in-depth understanding of Mindfulness directly applied to Yin Yoga;

Three hours of Yin Yoga practice daily incorporating Mindfulness techniques;

A set of Mindfulness tools to improve the quality of presence in your practice;

An opportunity to experience the insight of 10 days practice in Silence;

Ability to integrate Mindfulness into your Yin Yoga classes;

A deeper sense of Karuna (Compassion) towards self and others;

Direct teacher assessment and group feedbacks for your Personal teachings

The ability to move from a sense of Separateness to Upekkha (Equanimity);

The skills to lead Insight meditation;

Skilful cultivation of inner – silence;

Practice of the ‘Four Divine Abodes’; Metta (Love & Kindness); Karuna (compassion); Mudita (Friendliness); Upekkha (Equanimity)

What is this training about?

This training is a 100 hours of the 300 hrs Yin Fascial Yoga Program;

It specialises in Mindfulness techniques applied to Yin Yoga;

Incorporating Integral Mindfulness teachings giving a broader insight of Mindfulness;

Understanding The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Sati Patthana), with an emphasis on how to apply to ones life and share these practices with others;

Developing the practice of Concentration (Shamata) and investigation (Vipasana) towards clear seeing;

Understanding a clear connection between Body and Mind;

Experiencing the different qualities of Sitting , Walking and Standing Meditation practices;

Developing a sense of Love & Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity throughout the Yin Yoga practice.

What is in this Training?

Yin Fascial Yoga practices;

An integration of Qigong with Yin Fascial Yoga;

Mindfulness techniques and their application;

Meditations (sitting, walking and standing) practices and lectures;

Integrated Daoist mind regulation practices and lectures;

Insight Buddhist Meditation;

A Vital Essence Breathwork session;

Teacher Development lectures;

Mindful group Sharing to develop the art of listening and holding a group space.



Recommended books

Your teachers

Beta Lisboa

”I’m here to offer you all a result of more than 20 years of dedicated experience of spiritual self development techniques, a combination that was a life changing realization for myself, that has brought me here ready to share with you the light of my knowledge. A refined combination of yoga styles, mindfulness, bodywork, contemporary anatomy studies, breath work, eastern and western holistic health perspectives and meditation. Culminating into a complete methodology of Dynamic spiral and yin fascial yoga, myofascial release therapy, mindfulness and biodynamic breath work. I invite you to find out more: www.betalisboa.com

Beta’s approach is all focusing on physical and emotional trauma release, and improving long-lasting wellness for Body & Mind. She is well known for her expertise in guiding people through Body and Mind integration processes, with a unique combination of all or some elements of her training programs. Her approach is personal, thorough, deep, individualized, life changing and is suited to people who are curious and ready for transformation in their lives.

Sai Calder

Sai has been involved in Eastern practices since the age of 5 where he was introduced to Judo and the elements of mindful practice in relation to body awareness and compassionate respect for others.

At 13 he was introduced to a Benedictine monk who introduced him to western spiritual sciences of ‘teilhard de chardin’, and other western esoteric enlightenment systems.At 17 he came to study with Master Choy a Daoist master from China. Who taught the Taoist perspective to life, mindfulness, Qigong and internal cultivation.From there going to art Collage and studying as a painter and Graphic Designer, running Art studios. Deciding to leave the Uk and be full time in Asia, Simon has been travelling and studying in India, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia and Bali. Practicing with Shamans and Yogis in Nepal, Chinese Masters in Malaysia and Bali and Divine Yogis and Tantra teachers in India and Bali, for the last 13 years.

The culmination of these travels and practices has given a deeper understanding to the qualities and relationships to the connection between Mindfulness and the myofascial matrix, which is a profound passion to cultivate and share this incredible understanding through Yin Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness. To produce a mind body understanding towards freedom through compassion…

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