I am available for BioDynamic Breathwork sessions (1-0n-1) in Ubud, Bali. Please contact me for details, information, and to set up an appointment.

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Private Yoga Sessions

I am available for private retreats and classes (In Ubud, Bali, at your home, studio and retreat centre)

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A Private class is great…

For Beginning Students

a private session can be used to introduce you to the basics of yoga; alignment, posture, meditation, philosophy and breathing, and help you feel more confident coming to your first group class.

To Deepen an Existing Practice

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Having one-on-one time with a teacher offers an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of your practice. Together we can explore more advanced postures, allowing you get deeper into your practice and into specific poses that would not be available in public classes. Get instant feedback, undivided attention, and receive safe/deep adjustments. Sessions can explore specific postures, modifications, breathing practices, guidance on how to adapt the pace of the class for more or less intensity, or even questions about your experiences in meditation or relaxation.

For Specific Conditions and Situations

Learn how to adapt your practice to support a specific medical condition, illness or something you are working through at this time in your life.

Cost: 90-minute session – $100,-

If you are interested please email: contact@betalisboa.com