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100 hour Yoga for Kids Teacher Training – Bali

March 11th to 21st, 2019



This international Yoga Alliance registered Yoga For Kids Teacher Training will help yoga teachers, educators and yoga practitioner parents to skillfully teach children of all ages. Based on Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligences theory and Maria Montessori’s Learning by Doing approach, you will experience the multiple ways that children can learn in a fun and playful way through the use of props, storytelling, music, art and age-appropriate themes.

Learn to teach with confidence and creativity while cultivating the patience and acceptance needed to support a fair and non-competitive environment. The methods taught will empower you to give the gift of yoga to the next generation of amazing light beings.

This training is very experiential for the participants. They will experience themselves the inner – child work, a way to be in touch and knowing their own little one.

This program will appeal to parents, teachers or anyone working and interacting with children, or those with a general interest in learning about the diverse ways to bring yoga and consciousness into children’s lives. 


“The schools correctly organized are gardens where the soul-child grows and nourishes. The attention and the spiritual food offered to a human plant in the first years of its life, generally, determine its development”

                   ~ Paramahansa Yogananda



In this training you will learn and experience


    • Develop teachers play skills: meeting your own inner – child and bringing him/her to life
    • Understand and experience playfulness and creativity
    • How to read each child through the Multiple Intelligence theory 
    • Understand Children development stages to apply correct approach 
    • Mindfulness For kids and teens
    • Storytelling applied to Yoga for kids 
    • Using yoga to enhance your current educational program
    • Identify and encourage the Multiple Intelligences and support children’s learning through movement and art
    • Yoga philosophy and the eight limbs of Patanjali as applied to children
    • Deepen your understanding of children’s chakra developmental stages
    • Methodology: self knowledge, self expression and embodiment of understanding playfulness
    • Partner and Acro yoga for kids and parents 
    • Mandala meditations
    • The business of applying yoga to education, yoga studios, and community classes
    • Experience teaching the children at the Green School and in the Balinese local schools
    • *During this training you will have the opportunity to teach the children at the Green School 



    100 hours taken over a course of 11 days

    On completion of this training you will receive a 100 Hour International Yoga Alliance certification.

    6 months experiencing yoga or a patient and compassionate nature, and the desire and passion to enrich the lives of children through yoga practice and play.
    Parents, school teachers and counselors with one of the requirements above are welcome.




    • 7:45am to 9am: Yoga class
    • 10am to 1pm: Exploring through Practice
    • 1pm to 3pm: Silent lunch with reflections and resting
    • 3pm to 6pm: Lectures



    1.Yoga for Children, Chanchani, Swati & Chachani, Rajiv;
    2. Nurturing Spirituality in Children; Jenkins, Peggy;
    3. Planting Seeds, Thich Nhat Hanh;
    4. Yoga and education for children; Saraswati, Swami Satyananda;
    5. Yoga for children with fun-filled stories; Thapar, mini & Singh, Neesha;
    6. Best Practices for Yoga in Schools (Yoga Service Best Practices Guide) (Volume 1)
    7. What Does It Mean To Be Present? DiOrio, Rana

    1. Listening To My Body: A guide to helping kids understand the connection between their sensations (what the heck are those?) and feelings so that they can get better at figuring out what they need. Garcia, Gabi
      9. Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story Gates, Mariam
      10. Sensory Yoga for Kids: Therapeutic Movement for Children of all Abilities Collins, Britt



    Ubud, a town in central Bali, is far removed from the beach party scene in Kuta, and is regarded as the cultural centre of Bali. It is famous as an arts and crafts hub, and much of the town and nearby villages seems to consist of artists’ workshops and galleries. There are some remarkable architectural and other sights to be found, and a general feeling of well being to be enjoyed, all thanks to the spirit, surroundings, and climate of the place.

    Bali is called the Island of the Gods. A beautiful island where your wisdom, insight, creativity, playful inner child, and mindful attention expands and nourishes your heart and soul. A delicious environment to spend 12 days immersing yourself into the art of teaching children yoga.

    *THE TRAINING WILL BE HELD AT TAKSU UBUD (http://www.taksuspa.com/)



    Accommodation is to be arranged by the participant – We have a recommended list of accommodation around which may help you. We will send you upon request!



    You couldn’t ask for a better location to teach your first yoga class: the beautiful teak and bamboo yoga studio perched high above the Ayung River at Green School Bali, an international school that has received worldwide attention and acclaim for its efforts to interweave environmental sustainability with a student-centered curriculum design to nurture and cultivate all of a child’s human capacities, all on one of the most beautiful and inspiring campuses on the planet. Green School is expanding the vision of what a school can be in ways that are as vibrant as they are vital.

    You can check here our pictures and videos 


    • 100 hours of training;
    • Training manual;
    • Transportation from Ubud to the Green school and back;

    Transportation to balinese school

    One day practicing teaching to the Balinese teenagers

    • One day of practice teaching at Green school;
    • Art materials



    • Accommodation and meals
    • Flights and transfers to or from the airport



    Course tuition for 100 hours: €1700

    Early Bird Discount, apply before December 12th 2018: €1550

    No meals and accommodation included in the tuition fee

    • No refunds for cancellations after February 10th








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