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50 hour Lakshmi Lalita TRAINING

24th – 30th September
Ibiza – Spain


Module Laksmi is dedicated to her, the goddess of abundance and wealth.

In the Vedic Vision all this given, is Laksmi, that includes our bodies. Many women have a judgmental wrong self-image not being able to accept her self. Knowingly or unknowingly many carry a lot of shame and have a sense of unworthiness.
In this module we will go through a deeper healing journey of sharing with each other our challenges of being a woman. An important part will be the writing of our sexual history which through a sacred ritual we will sanctify and offer back to Devi. We will learn the 16 Step Puja which is a Vedic Ritual that consists of 16 offerings honouring Laksmi as all that is as well as our own body as a temple. Discovering that the body is sacred and that there is nothing to be ashamed gives us profound relative freedom which is essential in order to ultimately own up our absolute wholeness.
Through prayers and mantras that have chanted for 1000 of years invoking the healing aspects of Laksmi and getting deeper into the meaning of the sacred feminine, we will also rest with Yin Yoga Classes & Vital Essence Trauma Release Breathwork that supports the healing and growing journey beautifully.
Being Laksmi means I honor myself as all that is, including my sacred parts, allowing myself to feel pleasure, sanctify my relationships and ritualise all aspects of my life.
As part of our training we have invited a very dear brother who is a very talented photographer and cranio sacral therapist. He has supported many women in their healing journey towards self acceptance. He will be supporting our training by taking photos and portraits of each woman. Many women cary many tensions and a huge amount of self loath (that can be from being overly occupied with ones body to carelessness and self hatred) around their appearances. As this module is dedicated to sacred beauty and honouring of the body as a temple, we want to support every woman to discover herself as the sacred feminine with a body temple that is fit to be seen, honoured, adorned, praised and admired. Being in front of a camera or not, so that we can be comfortable at all times at all places. We have seen that many women feel especially uncomfortable in front of a camera. Each woman is unique and beautiful when she is comfortable with her self no matter the size, shape, colour. All her Devi. We have a prayer that we can all discover that fact. Our dear brother Jean has an eye to capture the woman in her essence, in her rawness and natural beauty. He makes the journey of being ones photo taken, a deeply healing, nurturing and sacred one.



  • Sisterhood; challenges and strengths, sacred beauty, dignity and vanity, self-imagereputation
  • Worthiness and sense of shame, self-care and health
  • Archetype Laksmi Lalita
  • 108 Sanskrit Names of Laksmi and names of Lalita with meaning in english
  • Values and integrity – discovering love & compassion
  • Freedom in relationships
  • Relationship guided meditation
  • Sexual healing through writing and sharing our story
  • 16 Step Laksmi & Lalita Puja & Guided Meditations
  • Morning Puja: body is my temple
  • Ritualizing ones life, one prayerful day
  • Ceremonial Sharing and healing circle – hands on
  • Ceremonial Sharing and healing circle – hands on
  • Vital Essence Trauma Release Breathwork
  • Yin Fascial Yoga, Dance & Mudras
  • Photo session


    Rituals, Ceremonies

    Mantras and guided meditation help us to manage our emotions, overcome fears and obstacles that hinder our natural loving expression in life.
    This is a magical expression and participation mystique, a regression to the magical child yet this time with wisdom, understanding and depth.



    It is an attitude that we will invite to reside in our hearts in and through every expression, practices and learning. When we see what we have, it goes to the infinite. Everything is given, including my body, mind, and sense complex. When this fact is assimilated, Devotion is natural.

    Devi Classes

    Here we learn about our essential nature, we learn that we are lovable and worthy just as we are. Through stories from the Vedic Mythology we find lots of inspiration and support in life. We learn that the body is a temple; we neutralize complexes and judgments around it. We find a source of help and support through the teachings of Vedanta and the sharing with other women.


    Devi Circles

    Devi circles are magical, at times scary because here we will share with each other our stories and also reveal ourselves. We will learn how to invoke courage and strength to express out loud what has been untold. For many carry shame, guilt, hurts, judgments and fears.
    One of the best way to overcome them is to share and give voice to them and see that we are not alone. There is a background for it and there was helplessness. We can ask for help, we are worthy of it. We are ready to offer back what does not serve any longer. Based on different themes we will see how we have been conditioned and maybe holding on to wrong ideas and notions. In loving compassionate non-judgmental way we let them go and unlearn.
    Sacred Dance and Yoga help to process emotions, these practices are healing, strengthening, nourishing and simply beautiful.



    Puja is a Vedic ritual. It is a prayer with offerings. In a Puja we sit in front of an altar. It can be an established altar where we deliberately and consciously superimpose the universal power onto an object of our preference. It can also be somewhere in nature, near the ocean, in the woods or on top of a mountain where we use the elements as our object of worship.
    In a Puja, I, the individual, relates to the total, the whole. The whole represents all knowledge, all power, all pervasiveness. It is the giver of all fruits of action, the cause of the whole universe. In other words, it is the infallible order.
    We look upon the whole universe, known and unknown, as a conscious being, that manifests as forms and names, all of which is considered to be sacred and is not to be taken for granted.
    Through the puja, we express our gratitude and invoke help, guidance and blessings for the journey of life through prayers, mantras and offerings.
    It is a way to sanctify and spiritualize ones life, either through daily puja and/or occasional puja for birth, birthdays, marriage, initiation into adulthood, and death. Most anything can be celebrated and acknowledged through a puja ceremony.



    We seek harmony, peace and well being. When we are in nature, we experience that satisfaction. When we look at the sun, at the sky, see the clouds, the birds, the mountains, the trees and animals we are accepting, at least in general. Yet when we meet and relate to people — mother, father, partner, sister and brother, employer — we find ourselves struggling, wanting them to behave in a certain manner.
    We find ourselves wanting to change people, wanting to change the situation so that we can find that harmony again. It never works like that.
    I have to find that satisfaction within myself, discovering that I am the very meaning of satisfaction. I don’t need to change the world. I can be accepting, compassionate, loving, caring and prayerful.
    In meditation, we find harmony with what is. We find a place of spaciousness, accommodation and objectivity. We discover that, that place is myself, that there is always a place where I can rest and find solace and strength to face the many challenges of life.
    A life of growth, of maturing and of gaining clarity about the truth of myself, the world and god.


    Vedic Chanting

    Mantras are specific prayers that have their origin in the Vedas. Chanting is a form of prayer, through which we can invoke the grace of the giver, who is the source of all knowledge and has all power.
    Every action has a result and so do prayers. The result will be in the form of punyam, which is the unseen factor that helps to neutralize obstacles in our daily lives as well as grant us our wishes. Mantra chanting absorbs, integrates, heals, transforms and invokes blessings and protection.



    Vedanta is the end portion of the Vedas that teaches Brahma Vidya, the knowledge of the limitless being, which is, according to the Upanishads, the Self.
    Vedanta reveals that the nature of I is free from any limitation, it is one, non-dual being. The general understanding of the I is ‘I am limited’ time-wise, space-wise and knowledge-wise. It is because of this conclusion that I am struggling to become happy. This is what is referred to as ‘Samsara’.
    In order to get out of that endless cycle of birth and death, I need to know my essential nature as free from death, free from change, free from any limitationwhatsoever.


    Vedanta says,

    You are the whole, you are full and complete as you are.
    You are everything you want to be already.
    You are the gold in and through all the ornaments.
    All you need is to know, to remove the darkness of ignorance, to know yourself as such.
    That is Freedom, that is Moksha. That is what ultimately every being is searching for in life, freedom from pain and suffering, freedom from the sense of smallness and inadequacy.
    We all want to be happy, at all times and in all places.
    We cannot find that in the world, the world is changing, that is the wonder of this creation, of this life.
    Therefore I have to look somewhere else. Somewhere I have not yet thought of so far, somewhere closer than the closest.
    Myself. That is Vedanta.


    TRE (Trauma Release Exercise)

    This is a very simple and organic yet powerful technique to help the system to release what is blocking on it. Once energy is released there will be more space for presence, clarity, love and neutrality.


    Joy and Pleasure

    A very powerful and simple exercise to teach them how to feel pleasure. Pleasure and money is a play on the same centre, our Swadhistana, the centre of our sexual energy. Here we learn how to give, receive, taken and offer pleasure with boundaries. We learn how to clear settle our boundaries and teach our clients/students how to know and express their boundaries. It is a dynamic connect to the release of Occitoxyn in our bodies. We will explore Joy x pleasure! “Receiving by doing” which is the facilitator jobs.


    Shakti Awake (Orgasmic release)

    With manipulation of certain points of the body we activate the Kundalini energy allowing it move freely through our system. The Spiritual remedy to all outward problems comes from deep within your Soul. According to Indian Yogic scriptures, the fundamental Effervescent, Creative Energy of the Universe, Kundalini Shakti, dwells inside all of us. The Kundalini Shakti is limitless and perfumes all the world around us; it literally touches us with every breath we take, every brush of wind on our faces, and each ray of Sunshine that Illumines our days.


    Unveiling Goddesses ritual

    It is a ritual to honour the Goddess body, each part of the close that is taken off is honoured with a deep breath, a feeling and a positive feedback. It is a healing to the self image and self acceptance.


    The Yoni Temple

    Here we create a very beautiful Shakti temple where each Shakti will be prepared to sit in one corner of the temple decorated by beautiful materials, flowers, gems, and any other sacred symbols for her. Then one part of the group will honor each Shakti, offering her prayers, chatting and any other offers.


    Yoni healing

    It is a couples dynamic where one receive the heling and the other one gives into a ritual.


    Vital Essence Trauma Release Breathwork

    Vital Essence Trauma Release Breathwork is a dynamic breath technique focusing on trauma release. Using cathartic circular rhythmic breathing and TRE positions, to trigger the release of stagnated energy, freeing up the physical and emotional bodies.
    In preparation for the breathwork session, we make use of a combination of different body mind techniques such as Yin Fascial Yoga, Spontaneous Movement, Bioenergetics, Dynamic Meditations and Shamanic practices. Together these elements create a supportive environment for a safe Trauma Release experience to move towards more presence, love and joy!
    Elements of Somatic experiencing are included during this process to offer a conscious self – regulation to the participants. At the end of the Breathwork we bring soft insight meditations such as Love & Kindness to integrate the experience. Beta holds a mindful sensitive space which allows the fullness of the practice to unfold in a safe supportive environment.


    Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga

    Dynamic Spiral Yoga combines Traditional Hatha yoga asana with explorative spiral movement patterns inspired by Qigong, Gyrokynesis foundation and continuous movement. This practice strengthens the whole Myofascial and cardio-respiratory systems, optimizing chi (energy) into the whole body. Dynamic Spiral Yoga is a graceful series, with a Yang energetic quality of movement which works it’s direct focus opening up, strengthening, nourishing, and hydrating the joints,


    fascia and muscles

    Yin Fascial Yoga has it’s main focus is on removing emotional and physical residual tensions stored in the Myofascial tissues. Applying long held postures combined with slow mindful spontaneous movements makes this unique practice an effective Trauma Release strategy. The blend of powerful techniques such as Yin yoga, Myofascial Release, Somatic Experiencing, 5 elements, Qigong and Mindfulness is an invitation to come back to the felt sense, what’s to be truly in the body.



    Sharada will be the main teacher in this course. Beta Lisboa, Jean Manuel and Kay will also teach and share their wisdom and knowledge. See presentation of the teachers below.


    About Sharada

    Sharada is a devoted and committed student and teacher of Vedanta and the Vedic Tradition for many years. She is originally from Switzerland – Philippines, living in Ubud, Bali since 9 years in a spiritual community. During summers she travels to Europe holding retreats and sacred gatherings.
    Sharada has studied Vedanta, Sanskrit, Meditation, Puja and Chanting with her revered teachers in the lineage of Swami Dayananda since 2010. Her teachers have blessed her to pass on the teachings and the beautiful devotional practices that help one to grow and find permanent happiness and security.
    Her devotion shines through in all she offers, especially in mantra chanting, rituals and during women’s circles. Her background in Odissi Dance, which is a temple dance, has helped her own discovery of the sacred feminine profoundly. Sharada supports, holds and leads Women’s Circles and Women Online Support Group with all her heart, as they have been essential in her own emotional and spiritual growth.
    More info about Sharada


    About Beta

    Beta’s life purpose of guiding people through Body and Mind integration processes has been enriched by her many years of expertise in self-development. Passionate about unlocking people’s full potential, her approach is personal, thorough, deep, individualized, life-changing and specially suited to those who are curious about and ready for transformation in their lives.
    Beta believes that what manifests within is also what is shown to us in our ‘outer’ world. Thus her guiding mantra has become ‘the body knows,’ a simple yet profound realization that we must tune in and listen to our physical selves for answers on matters of health, wellness and spiritual truth.
    A number of health systems and modalities are covered in Beta’s work, including elements of Myofascial Release Therapy, Vital Essence Trauma Release Breathwork, Somatic Experiencing, Chakra Healing Awareness and Mindfulness.
    More info about Beta


    About Jean Manuel

    At an early age Jean-Manuel, with a camera in hand, left the life he knew to discover our world. What was supposed to be a simple adventure became his life’s journey and a pilgrimage into the practices of ancient wisdom.
    Jean-Manuel’s awakening started with an immersion into Vipassana meditation, where he experienced a dissolution of the body-mind complex. This experience forever changed his life. It brought him an acute sensitivity in his ability to sense the subtle dynamics of the body, as well as a glimpse into the deeper meanings offered by the cosmos. With no prior spiritual knowledge and therefore no real references to look towards, Jean lived in this dissolved state for some time without realizing the scale of what had happened to him. Then, life brought him to Bali where he found both of his present day teachers. With their guidance, Jean was initiated into the Sacred Mystery schools and into the practice of bio-dynamic craniosacral therapy. His studies led him to discover the dynamics of time, ancient calendars and astrology, and he learned to master the sensitivity and wisdom gained in his meditation practice for the purpose of assisting others on their path of self-discovery.
    Mystic visionary and talented visual artist, Jean-Manuel has now settled in Asia, where he continues to bridge the worlds of the visible and the unseen. Deepening his knowledge of ‘the big picture” through explorations in meditation, human evolution, and the science of time, Jean’s wisdom and healing discoveries are being shared with others through the practice of bio-dynamic craniosacral therapy,astrology,workshops and collaborations. He also continues explores through a variety of creative projects including photography and graphic/web design.
    More info about Jean Manuel

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