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50 Hours Yin Fascial Yoga Teacher Training Course Myofascia & 5 Elements Qigong

SEPTEMBER 25th to 29th

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This unique program of Yin Fascial Yoga teacher training combines the studies and practice of the physical and Subtle bodies. 

A fascinating blend of Myofascia release therapy, 5 elements Qigong, Chakras & Meridians system into the Yin Fascial Yoga perspective. It aims a release of the held trauma on the fascial system and a regulation of our sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve systems.

This is an investigation into the physical & energetic bodies incorporating the Trauma release as a framework for our research into Yin Fascial Yoga, taking us deep into releasing our psycho somatic imprints caused by traumatic events throughout our lifetime. 

This dedicated training teaches students how to effectively release restrictions that are present at the body’s physical and energetic level, reprogram the body’s holding patterns increasing health on a cellular level in the Yoga classes. The understanding and practice to keep the Vagus nervous heath able to play its roll in the favor of the relaxation pattern. 

It will give students a thorough understanding of the importance of the integration of Myofascial Release, 5 elements Qigong, Chakra development and TCM meridian system to their current Yoga practice.

This is a YACEP for 50 hours and a 200 hour certificate for the whole program. 

What is in this training?

 Bringing together Myofascial Release, Yin Yoga, 5 elements Qigong, Chakra system and Meridians for a complete system of Yin Fascial Yoga.

Learning and practicing how to structure sequences for an effective and personalised Yin Fascial Yoga class

    • Healing  the fascial tissues from traumatic events
    • Using Mindfulness to support the openness in the practice
    • Myofascial Release adjustments into the postures
    • The art of teaching (methodology) Yin Fascial Yoga
    • How to apply myofascial balls to massage and release tensions in the soft tissue
    • Five elements Qigong in relation to the organs and connective tissue in application with YFY
    • Lectures on Trauma
  • Teaching practice with a constructive feedback
  • What are you getting from this training?


    • Ability to integrate Myofascial Release Therapy into your Yin Yoga classes.
    • Confidence to structure personalized and safe Yin Fascial Yoga.
    • Confidence in how to manipulate Fascia
    • Understanding of Daoism, TCM, 5 elements relationships and the meridian system.
    • Clear understanding of how trauma affects our systems (nerve and fascial)
    • Vagus nervous theory
    • More self – confidence and skills for your teachings.
    • Clear understanding of the Subtle body anatomy (Chakras & merians)
    • Learn Self – Myofascial Release while in the postures
    • The right postures to work the Myofascial lines and the belts of tension
    • Understand the connection between trauma and fascia.
    • Learn a powerful sacrum release technique

A life changing personal development.                                                                      Myofascial release Therapy is a highly effective technique which provides the therapist with the tools to deal with chronic injuries at their root; as such it will help those who wish to work with the physical and emotional components of injuries, and how to lead the body into an emotional and/or physical trauma release. This is a subtle yet profound technique to free the body and spirit from deeply held traumas.


Please bring your own yoga mat and tennis balls, all other props will be provided by the yoga studio


9am to 12:30pm & 1:30pm to 5pm

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About the Location

Mirror Center (http://mirrorcentre.nl/) is a beautiful studio in Amsterdam located within easy reach by train, car, tram or bus.

Address: Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam, Nederland


Course participants are to arrange their own accommodation. We recommend people to search on AirBNB and booking.com for accommodation in the Amsterdam-Oost or Oostpoort areas.

Your Course Tuition includes

Teaching, manual and certificate

Your Course Tuition does not include

No accommodation, flight or transfer from/to airport.


Regular – 800 euros

Early Bird Price – 720 euros by 25th June 2019
Deposit required – 250 euros





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