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50 Hours Yin Fascial Yoga (Structural Body) Teacher Training Course

OCTOBER 2nd to 6th

Zurich, Switzerland

This module gives students a thorough understanding of the importance of the integration of Myofascial Release techniques and 5 elements Qigong to their current Yoga practice.

This is a YACEP for 50 hours and a 200 hour certificate for the whole program. 

This Yin Fascial Yoga teacher training combines the studies and practice of Myofascial release and 5 elements Qigong into the Yin Fascial Yoga perspective, aiming the healing of the held Trauma on the fascial and organ system.  This is an investigation into the physical body incorporating the Myofascial release and 5 Elements Qigong as a framework for our research into Yin Yoga, taking us deep to release our psycho – somatic imprints caused by traumatic events throughout our lifetime.

This dedicated training teaches students how to effectively release restrictions that are present at the body’s physical and energetic level, release and reprogram the body’s holding patterns, increasing health on a cellular level and conditioning the myofascial system. It will give students a thorough understanding of the importance of the integration of Myofascial Release techniques and 5 elements Qigong to their Yoga practice and teachings.

The understanding and practice to keep the Vagus nervous heath able to play its role in the favor of the relaxation pattern.

What is this training about?

  • bringing together Myofascial Release, Yin Yoga and TCM 5 elements Qigong for a complete system of Yin Fascial Yoga.

  • learning and practicing how to structure sequences for an effective and personalised Yin Fascial Yoga class

  • healing  the fascial tissues from traumatic events

  • TCM 5 elements lectures

  • understanding of fascial anatomy and physiology

  • Understanding of the superficial fascial lines and it’s application into Yin Yoga postures

  • understanding fascia and organs from 5 elements Qigong practices

  • becoming familiar with the quality of the connective tissue by practicing Myofascial Release adjustments into the postures

  • Release Myofascial tensions with Cupping

  • learning the relationships of the organs and meridians and their application to Yin Yoga

  • Understanding the Fascial areas that are affected by blockages in the TCM Meridian and Organ System.

What is in this training?

  • 2 Daily Yin Fascial Yoga practices and lectures

  • Lectures on Anatomy and Physiology of Fascia

  • The art of teaching (methodology) Yin Fascial Yoga

  • integrating Myer’s  Fascial trains concept into YFY classes

  • Yin Fascial yoga sequences for a variety of ailments

  • TCM Cupping for fascia release and healing

  • How to apply myofascial balls to massage and release tensions in the soft tissue

  • Applied anatomy and physiology for Yin yoga postures focusing on the fascial system, fascial lines and belts of tension

  • Five elements Qigong in relation to the organs and connective tissue in application with YFY

  • lectures on 5 elements Qigong and Daoism


  • Ability to integrate Myofascial Release Therapy into your Yin Yoga classes

  • confidence to structure personalised and safe Yin Fascial Yoga

  • confidence in  how to manipulate connective tissue and fascial matrix

  • embodied integration of Daoism, TCM 5 elements Qigong relationships and the meridian system

  • Clear understanding of how trauma affects our nerve and fascial systems

  • more self -confidence and skills for your teachings

  • teaching from a space of personal expression and inner voice

  • understand of Fascia anatomy and physiology

  • a life changing personal development

  • Learn how to feel and manipulate fascia and free fascial restrictions

  • Learn how to apply Myofascial adjustments to Yin Yoga classes

  • Learn Self – Myofascial Release while in the postures

  • Learning Myer’s Myofascial lines and the Alexander Lowen belts of tension concept

  • Understand the connection between trauma and fascia

  • Through demonstrations and practices use Myofascial release techniques in the Yin Fascial Yoga for the entire body, including sacrum, pelvis, ankle, feet, legs, shoulders, arms, neck and jaws

  • Learn a powerful sacrum release technique


*YFY – Yin Fascial Yoga
Yin Fascial Yoga is an integration of Yin Yoga, 5 Elements Qigong, Myofascial Release and Mindfulness. These special tools work together on the fascial system in order to release traumatic imprints and to dissolve residual tensions helping to heal and strengthen the body, balance the emotions and calming the mind and spirit.

The aim of this complete and ancient mixes of practices is to open and balance the 3 bodies – the physical, the subtle and the causal – offering harmony, balance, presence and embodiment, through a somatic experiencing.

Yin Facial Yoga effectively releases restrictions that are present at the body’s physical and energetic level, reprogram the body’s holding patterns, increasing health on a cellular level and conditioning the myofascial system. It addresses the importance of the integration of Myofascial Release techniques and 5 elements Qigong to their current Yoga practice.

If we speak from an energetic level, this work opens and balances the chakras, nurturing the organ system of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), detoxifying, strengthening and healing, whilst opening the meridian system.

The Method
It combines conscious spontaneous fascia release movements with long held Yin Yoga asanas detoxifying the all the organ systems, strengthens the joints, conditioning the fascia, boosting energy levels, dissolving traumas, grounding and centering the body and the mind. This is the power of the Yin Fascial Yoga practice.

One of the techniques we use are the Myofascial release balls on specific Myofascial trigger and acupuncture points. That targets and helps to open the fascia, either directly into an organ or into the bands of constricted fascia areas blocking the chakras from opening. The work also employ the balls to release specific points of held tension, such as the hips and the diaphragm, which greatly enhances the bodies´ ability to let go of tensions and traumas achieving deeper relaxation levels.

By adding specific Daoist energy circulation techniques as ‘Microcosmic Orbit and embryonic breathing’, we can influence the flow of life’s force energy that runs through the body.

Ultimately, the Art of being present and mindfully being with whatever arises inside our practice, is the foundation to our spiritual journey. Inside the practice we find a place that is outside of judgement or criticism that allows everything to be as it is in the moment. It allows space for old feelings that were forced away and never felt, held deep inside the fascia, to be lived and felt, allowing those parts of us to move on. Dissolving the symptoms of separation, whilst allowing us to experience our completeness as feeling human being, able to be with each breath that life offers us.

The Fascia World
When we re-educate ourselves to move from the fascia, we move from a feeling based expression of the body, less from a mind form, that perfect internal picture of what i should look like but don’t.

When moving from feeling we allow our kinesthetic awareness to become heightened, allowing us to move in our own individual way, regardless of conditions which keeps us in our own center, not looking to the outside for perfect role models to emulate.

Fascia is the very glue substance that holds all 11 body systems, the meridians, the Chakras, the emotions and thoughts together. It moves as a complete singular expression, where all parts of us are engage at the same time. Nothing is just from the mind or just from the body, but a complete and singular expression. So when using fascia as a foundation to our yoga practice, it becomes easy to understand what is going on within our own body and why when we look at a holistic picture of ourselves we understand ourselves as a complete human being.

The process of releasing the fascia is fundamentally rooted in unlinking tight adhesive chains of connected tissues, to allow blood flow and Qi back into areas that were holding the tensions and slowly of time creating deeper and deeper problems in the body. Once unlinked and open we can direct the fascia to grow into a more efficient, balanced structural body form, free of tension and trauma, as if re scalping a body form that is more efficient and adaptable for our life journey.

The Relationship of Trauma and Fascia
Many scholars believe that pain and trauma are incidents prevented from being completed. These can be single damaging events such as a car accident, continuous bombardments requiring emotional defenses, or over-training of isolated muscles that lock the body into a recognized pattern. Traumas can be considered anything that keep us locked in a physical, emotional, behavioral or mental habit. Recovery from trauma is the process of the body finding balance and freeing itself from constraints. All too often, the recovery process is halted, preventing the traumatic occurrence from completing.

There are many reasons traumatic incidents cannot be completed, creating stagnation and causing a cascade of physiological protective mechanisms to separate the trauma from affecting everyday functioning. Because our bodies and emotions can only safely handle a limited amount of stress, trauma results whenever an experience exceeds our abilities to handle and cope with its consequences. The energy of the trauma is stored in our bodies’ tissues (primarily muscles and fascia) until it can be released. This stored trauma typically leads to pain and progressively erodes a body’s health.


Please bring your open heart and empty mind to receive the transmission!


8am – 11:45am – Practice and lectures
11:45am – 1:15pm -Lunch break
1:15pm – 5pm – Practice, art of teaching

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About the Location

Yoga Tribe Zurich, Swissland

Yoga Tribe http://www.yoga-tribe.ch 

Yoga Tribe K6 Nordstrasse 195

Your Course Tuition includes

Teaching, manual and certificate

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Regular – 800 euros

Early Bird Price – 720 euros by 2nd July 2019
Deposit required – 250 euros





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