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Elemental Immersion Retreat

March 23rd to 30th 2019
Soulshine Yoga Retreat Oasis, Ubud Bali

Sisters, we welcome you to join us on a 7-day sacred elemental immersion into the ancient wisdom teachings of the Taoism, Tantra, Yoga, Myofascial Meridians & The 5 Element Meridian Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We will experience the cyclical expression of nature, as she manifests through our bodies.

Coming home to the living body of knowledge that holds the blueprint of your truth and potential as a woman, and return to a consciousness that holds all of live sacred.

As we awaken & remember – her, and reclaim our power & potential as women, we anchor balance and harmony within our bodies and our lives.

What is in this Retreat?

  • Taoist Abdominal (Organ) & Yoni Healing Techniques

    We will immerse into the art of sacred touch & deepening our capacity to listen to & attune to the elemental rhythms & cycles that express and animate our potent female anatomy. Explore templates and keys to unlocking stories and patterns being held within the body and coming home to our essential truth. These workshops will also provide empowering education on our female energetic template and anatomy, and tools for unlocking our potential for pleasure, intimacy with ourselves, with life, and experiencing our full capacity as a woman.
  • Yoni Healing  Applying principles of sacred touch and true listening, to unravel old stories, patterns and belief systems that are not aligned with our essential truth. We will explore maps of awakening from within our potent female anatomy to full allow and embrace her, and return to a consciousness that honors and reveres the sacredness of a woman’s body.
  • Jade Egg Holistic Practice  In this workshop we will learn about the ancient Taoist practices for promoting health & wellbeing, and restoring vitality & will explore ways to ground this ancient wisdom into this time & integrate as self-care practices into our modern lives.  We will focus on practices for nurturing your precious energy, promote hormonal balance, deepening intimacy with yourself, your innate wisdom & your sexuality & embracing your full potential.
  • Vital Essence Trauma Release Breath work  The Vital Essence trauma release Breath work session is a transformative healing process. In a very shamanic process the session happens with the alchemic connection to find the awaken power of healing within. As old wounds of traumatic events causes dysfunctional patterns in the nerve and fascial system, once they are released and transformed, individuals begin to regain lost soul parts and remember the magic of who they truly are. This process is a true call to the ones full potential to bring wholeness and healing back into their own lives, to the lives of those they love, and to the world at large.
  • Dynamic Spiral & Yin Fascial Yoga  Dynamic Spiral Yoga movements is used in order to open and warm up the joints and fascial matrix combined with Yin Fascial Yoga postures. Beta brings together elements of Yang and Yin Yoga, spontaneous movement, Gyrokineses and Qigong offering a possibility for a more fluid, pleasant, feminine and sensual practice. A perfect combination of the Yang moment and stillness of the Yin Yoga to create a perfect harmony in your practice. The combination of a creative flow of flexion, extension, twist and Spirals offers a full range of the spinal motion, releasing and strengthening the fascial lines and bends which creates energy optimisation to the whole of our system during and after the practice. This is a deep trauma release practice that works on the blockages and imprints of our lifetime, it offers a possibility for you to arrive back home abiding in this precious body. Trauma is one of the most common cause of symptoms of the stress syndrome which creates is adrenal fatigue.
  • Yin Yang Therapeutic 5-Element Embodied Movement  A fusion of Yin & Yang Therapeutic Yoga practices based on the 5-element Meridian wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the heart of Taoist and Yogic teachings, there is an acknowledgement that at the core of this universe there is a subtle & sacred substance, often known as Shakti. As Shakti manifests itself as the physical universe, it takes the form of these 5 elements. Every day, we will journey through elemental & seasonal practices, to attune to the cyclical nature of our beings. We will connect the elements of the body with the elements of the earth, awaken & honour the living body of knowledge within us. These practices will be specific to the needs of a woman’s body, including ancient movement to nourish our womb space, and will include devotional and breathe practices that nourish and awaken our potent female anatomy, and deepen intimacy with our innate intelligence.
  • Menstruation Wisdom Talks Empowering wisdom teachings that deepen our capacity to embrace the initiatory life cycles we experience as women, and unlock & awaken our feminine power. Provides potent tools for connecting with the living body of knowledge that holds the blueprint of your truth and potential as a woman, and return to a consciousness that holds all of live sacred.
  • Chakra Wisdom Talks  A journey though the Chakras workshop.We will explore the chakra system on the emotional and psychological developmental.
  • 4 Elements Ceremonies  Experience ancient devotional practices for each of the elements, and deepen intimacy with all of life. Through Prayers, dance meditation and music we will connect and become each one of that elements. We get closer to the Spirit of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, experience each one of them and understanding their Medicine to us. We also open the 7 directions salutation and explain the native approach to all directions.
  • Sacred Water Temple Balinese Ceremony
     Bali blessing is a spiritual ceremony that is part of Balinese traditional custom consisting of purification, welcoming of good spirits and a final offering while the individual performing the ceremony chants mantras in ancient Sanskrit.The myth behind the curative and purifying spring tells of a Balinese ruler, known by the title Mayadenawa, who is depicted to have defied the influence of Hinduism and denied his subjects religious prayers and practices. The legend goes that this eventually angered the gods, and in a campaign, god Indra sought Mayadenawa’s subdual.
  • Cacao ceremony
    A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart. Because of cacao’s ability to increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra, it aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space. Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set, and the cacao allows you to the insight and awareness to move towards that goal.


I’m here to offer you all a result of a lifelong dedicated experience of spiritual self development techniques, a combination that was a life changing realisation for myself, that has brought me here ready to share with you the light of my knowledge. A refined combination of Yin & Yang Yoga styles, Mindfulness, bodywork, Myofascial Release Therapy, contemporary anatomy studies, Trauma Release breath work, Somatic Experience, eastern and western holistic health perspectives and meditation. All of my experience has led me to an integral blend of Yin yoga, Myofascial Release Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation and Trauma Release Breath Work. I now travel the world sharing my knowledge teaching workshops, Retreats and Teacher trainings.

Read more about Beta http://betalisboa.com/biography-beta-lisboa-yoga-training/


Kay is an Embodiment Mentor and Teacher of the Feminine Arts who devotes her time to holding sacred space for women from her home base in Bali, throughout Asia, Australia & Europe. She is passionate about bringing ancient wisdom and teachings into this time in a grounded, practical, pleasurably safe, & deeply nurturing environment. She specializes in yoga & movement practices tailored to the female form, Taoist & Tibetan healing and balancing techniques for awakening potent & intelligent feminine energy centers. Merging eastern and western wisdom teachings, with modern science and psychology to educate, empower & inspire every woman to heal herself & come home to the innate wisdom and intelligence within. She is fascinated by ancient, lost and mistranslated wisdom teachings, and enjoys challenging cultural taboos that have disempowered women for centuries. She is here to hold a space that facilitates exploration, authentic embodied expression & remembrance of what it means to be~ authentically ~ real ~ beautifully flawed – alive ~ awake~ WOMAN.


Soulshine Yoga Retreat Center – Ubud – Bali

“We created Soulshine Bali to be a place of happiness where you can chill in a fun, friendly atmosphere, explore the beauty of Bali, enjoy delicious organic food and let your soul soar in the sun.

Whether your passion is practicing yoga in our roof top studio, walking through the rice fields, lounging by the pool, day tripping to the beach, temples and volcanoes, or finding your perfect spot to sink into a good book, the chic and unpretentious vibe will make you feel at home. So come on out to Bali and find out what makes Soulshine a beautiful
place to play!”

Michael Franti, owner & co-founder of Soulshine Bali


Price per person

Standard Suites
1950 USD

Boutique Suites
2200 USD

Pool Suites
2500 USD

Refer to Soulshine Bali website for photos and room descriptions: https://www.soulshinebali.com/rooms

EARLY BIRD OFFER ~ Payments received before December 12th will receive a 150 Euro discount from above prices.

*Prices are all inclusive, with twin sharing. Please enquire for single supplement.

The price includes:

Seven nights accommodations / twin share Suites
Airport transfer
One Balinese massage
Daily healthy organic brunch, dinner, herbal teas, coffee & delicious treats!
Visit to Traditional Balinese Water temple Purification

Sample Program

7:30-9:00am ~Morning Yoga

9:00-11:00am ~ Brunch

10:30am-1:30pm – Daily workshop/ Water temple

1:30pm -4:30pm – Integration time (relax by pool, journaling…)

4:30-6:00pm – Afternoon Yoga

6:00-7:30pm ~Dinner

7:30-9:00pm ~Evening Ceremonies & Rituals

Private Trauma release healing sessions will be available to be booked with Beta. Please check more information directly with Beta at betalisboa1@gmail.com





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