Get ready to reconnect to your

feminine flow of life!

Find out an effective way of releasing out the stress and anxiety manifested in the body as tensions and blockages through this Stress Management & Trauma Sensitive Practice Bundle!


When a traumatic experience happens, it can take a while to get over the pain, the trauma and feel safe again. Traumatic experiences often involve a threat to life or safety, but in any situation that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and isolated— can result in trauma, even if it doesn’t involve physical harm.  

Coping up with the trauma can present unique challenges. In fact, when these are not addressed, it will result to build-up tensions, making your nervous system become more overwhelmed— contributing to more dysfunction and dysregulation making it harder for you to cope up.

But with this bundle, you can speed up your recovery.

Anxiety, depression, shame, stress, physical pain, addictions, sleep issues, eating disorder, nightmares, hypervigilance, over reaction to threat, obsessive – compulsive disorder, shut down, lack of libido, digestive issues, constant fear mode, a foggy memory, confusion, lack of concentration, mood swings, numbness, constant anger, and hopelessness?

Then this bundle is perfect for you! 

Are you experiencing any of these:

The Stress Management & Trauma Sensitive Practice

 Helps in activating back your parasympathetic nervous system, and put your "fight or flight" response back in balance. Get insights of your ANS fluctuations through a Polyvagal theory assessment as part of this package.

Here's what you'll get:

• A full hour of Trauma Release Yin Fascial Yoga Practice. You can practice it every time you feel overwhelmed with trapped sensations and emotions in your system.

• A trauma sensitive body scan meditation in audio to practice anytime you need to come back to your body, relaxing stress. A gentle resourceful and grounding practice.

• Get insights using the Polyvagal theory ladder. An effective assessment to help you tracking the fluctuation of your autonomic nerve system from Sympathetic (fight or flight) to Dorsal and ventral parasympathetic.

Life is beautifully juicy on the other side of trauma.

You will learn to build coherence, self-regulation, alignment, resilience and more awareness.

You will experience a deeper understanding of the body and mind connection, the ability to release your emotions.

You will reconnect to your feminine flow of life.


Freedom from pain.
Inner peace.
Will bring you trust in people.
See the beauty of life, courage to trust in the unknown.
Confidence to embrace your beautiful self
Feelings of embodiment;
And the ability to manage life’s most stressful & triggering situations


Ola! I'm Beta

I started my healing journey by the age of 18 as a Yogini and bodyworker. Throughout my extensive career I have worked with thousands of women.

In partnership, I have witnessed incredible healing and transformations. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to do this profound work. I have seen women go from chronic pain, self-loading, body dysmorphia, anxiety and depression to self-love, clarity, presence, embodiment, serenity and feeling empowered.