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Facilitator Mentoring Program




August 8th to 15th 2018 Algarve, Portugal


Mirrors lose their shine if they’re not cared for. After reflecting the light of clients or colleagues, leaders need to be aware of when is time to take care of themselves.

Kahlil Gibran


Sometimes when holding space for groups or individual sessions do you feel burnt out, fragile, having your concentration strung to a high state that can turn with the wind, and scatter easily? Or can you feel tired, heavy, lacking the energy to bring yourself to a space where you can make space for others?

I have known times when a client has left me, freed of pain, and I have woken the next day with their pain in my body. Over twenty years of practice I have learned to respect that this phenomenon is not so uncommon. When we open ourselves to emotional transfer of large groups

of people or individuals with severe trauma, we can take on a lot.

Through my daily yoga practice and some very effective techniques I’ve built ways to help myself back through the waves of the self-healing cycle.

Every facilitator who takes responsibility for the emotions of others is going to experience some form of burnout. Acknowledging this, is important as is equipping ourselves with the right tools to care for ourselves and bring ourselves back to center.

When we are more grounded, more centered, more focused and present, we can give our best to those who we hold space for. Holding a clear, neutral and strong space in which others can shine.


This is training is for you if you are


  • Holding space for any kind of sessions
  • Bodyworker
  • Yoga teacher
  • Therapist
  • Tantra teacher/therapist
  • Healer
  • Looking for personal transformation
  • Hold space for yourself and to others


You will learn from this training?

Techniques we will offer you

  1. Trauma Release within Breathwork sessions and lectures – We will have a chance to experience and hold space for each other in a daily basis. Taking time to study lectures on Trauma Release and Breath work.


  1. Silence time with specific self – inquiring meditations taking time for Q&A in a Satsang setup group


  1. NLP (Neuro linguistic programing) is an attitude , methodology, and technology that teaches people how to improve the quality of their lives. It is an educational tool that teaches people how to communicate more effectively with themselves and others (their clients). It is designed to help people have personal freedom in the way they think, feel and behave as well creating a more safe and clear communication with their clients.


  1. The inner Child workis a psychological term used to describe the part of our adult psyche or personality that remains from our childhood self. It represents the child we once were and it remains with us throughout our lives regardless of our age. Consequently, every adult has an inner child within their psyche that was created from their childhood experiences and relationships. For this reason, everyone’s inner child is different with their own personalities, needs and struggles. However, at the same time, there are often similar themes and needs for each inner child such as needing to feel loved and safe for example. Each inner child is also a different age depending on one’s experiences and traumas.


  1. Shadow work – All disassociations have their foundations in the unconscious shadow. How to recognize them and reintegrate them into your being towards wholeness. The only way we can refer to any rising phenomena into the conscious realm is through 1st 2nd 3rd person attributes. The further away we push them from ourselves the more disassociated we become from them. Compassion is reuniting these elements into 1st person and reclaiming the fractures from the psyche, recognizing those parts of ourselves that we project onto others as aspects of ourselves.

Through the 3, 2, 1, 1 technique we can directly recognize these aspect and re-integrate them into Presence.


  1. The wheel of consent 

This is the foundation of a facilitation approach!

The Wheel of consent, on of the most liberating and powerful tools for truth and authenticity in this time of our souls evolution into wholeness. The understanding is great – what makes the different is the neurological experience in the body.

Because no one is taught what they really need to know – how to know yourself and what you want, how to communicate easily and authentically, how to cut loose and play, how to be both selfish and generous in the best ways.


  1. Daily specific practices based on Yoga, Qigong, Dynamic meditations and TRE as a tool for self – regulation, which re centers, rebalances, re energizes and bring yourself back to homeostasis.


  1. Foundational lectures on trauma based on Somatic Experiencing to understand how trauma affects our our nerve system. We will look into the Polyvagal theory and self – regulation.
  2. Time for personal guided personal practice 
  1. Voice Activation based on the work of Hal and Sidra Stone, this work has the power to directly influence and activate parts of our psyche that are repressed or disowned, parts that we have issues finding, connecting with and communicating to within our own beings. This activates these parts of ourselves that are stuck allowing them to be free to communicate themselves from their own perspective, anytime we require them to speak. This will directly empower you as a facilitator to become more aware of your own self – denial which sabotages our ability to hold a clear space and stay present with whatever arises.


*The days will be full with a lot of practices, silent time, meditations and Satsang.



Classes start on the 8th in the afternoon and complete on the morning of the 15th August




Please bring a pair of tennis balls, all other props will be provided by the yoga studio


About the location

Awakeland Retreat Center – Portugal



A Rooted in a millennial mountain range, Awakeland Portugal is a yoga retreat center that believes in people, in a conscious life and auto-responsibility.


Without promoting dogmas, beliefs or doctrines, it is a space for all, where each individual arrives with their own mission, and where we all help to get there.

Awakeland Portugal is a yoga, tantra and meditation retreat center that was born and lives with the intention of collaborating with all who visit it, with desire to create moments to melt in the nature of magic and the power of the teachings of our therapists and professors.

Awakeland Portugal’s landscape is unique and its natural equilibrium is maintained and potentiated through innovative, non-invasive permaculture and biodynamic agriculture.  We work with the principles of sustainable agriculture and support local species, aiming to live as closely to the earth as possible



Awakeland Portugal is conveniently located a 20 min distance from various cities (Portimão, Lagos and Monchique), and 15 minutes from the beaches of Alvor in Portimão and Meia Praia in Lagos.


It is 2.5 hours from Lisbon airport and 1.20 min from Faro airport. Please contact us for help with transportation from airports




Accommodation in Dormitory room.

Upgrade to double or single room is possible paying the difference in the price. Please ask us!

Your tuition course includes

This tuition includes 2 meals a day (brunch and dinner), Accommodation in Dormitory room and the training.


Upgrade to double or single room is possible paying the difference in the price. Please ask us!

Remember this training will be full days and evenings program in a very intimate small group of participants to offer you a very unique personal experience.


Deposit required


Full payment is required to reserve a spot in the training (payment in installments is available, they can e-mail me on contactbetalisboa2016@gmail.com


Your tuition course doesn’t include

No flight or transfer from airport, please do contact betalisoa if you want



Investment – 2000 euros

This tuition includes 2 meals a day (brunch and dinner), Accommodation in Dormitory room and the training program





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May 24, 2016