Womb Healing

Right now you may be feeling all sorts of discomforts around your pelvis and lower back, specifically pain or irritation around your scar tissue. 
You’re likely feeling and experiencing some or many of the symptoms below:

❖ Disconnected from your belly and pelvic floor.
❖ Irregular bowel movements.
❖ Lower back pain.
❖ Leakage when you sneeze, cough, laugh or run. 
❖ Pain after lifting or exercising or a dull abdominal pain. 
❖ Grief of an unwanted Cesarian birth or a loss of a baby or/and the fallopian tube, womb or ovaries.  
❖ Numbness around your C-section area or lack of connection to yourself 

You’d love a better looking belly and to rid yourself of your C-section scar tissue pouch!.

Are you experiencing? 

Womb Healing

If you don’t treat the symptoms now they will worsen - the consequences of a non-treated C-section wound can prevent you from truly living your life free and healthy. You can expect all sorts of lower back pain, abdominal discomfort, emotional disconnection to your sexuality, numbness around the yoni and pelvic floor area.

Unfortunately the symptoms are likely to continue to worsen; urinary issues, not able to hold the pee, tension on the pelvic floor and pain during intercourse (making relaxation and true pleasure impossible).

There is a solution and joy on the other side.

You can reconnect to your beautiful and precious abdominal muscles and to free up the traumatic imprints that this unwanted intervention has created. We will also use tools to break and release adhesions and scar tissue and to awake the pelvic floor, ovaries and womb area.

Together we will free you from pain and help you enjoy your body again through a tailored selection of methods these include 
-Myofascial Release Therapy to break adhesions and release the myofascial tensions around the pelvis
-Breathing techniques to bring awareness to the felt-sense and to connect you to the power of your womb and ovaries. 
- Yoni Crystal egg and Crystal wand to reconnect you with your sacred sexual energy.
-Somatic Experiencing trauma healing integration
-mindfulness meditations and yoga
-Self-care education on how to integrate these practices in your routine and how to become your self-healer. I create a tailored self – care routine to allow you to stay connected with your own personal inner Healer. 

Together we will

I will support you to: 

Start to love your body again.
Improve the way your abs look and feel. 
Release your constant lower back pain and you can again reconnect to your pelvic floor.
Be free of the physical pain and emotional traumatic symptoms 
Release the grief that the unwanted intervention has created.  
Find healing physical, emotional and spiritual healing for the suffering you are carrying 
Be free of the guilt and shame you’ve been carrying in your body. 
Feel again in complete harmony and connection with your beautiful and precious abdominal area and body.

A new life awaits you!

Guided Self- myofascial release therapy on the scar tissue and pelvis 
Grief ritual to release the emotional scars of the Cesarean 
Ovarian and womb breathing technique 
Yoga and workout to heal and strengthen the pelvis and awaken the pelvic floor 
Self-care and self - love practices 
Opportunity to attend my Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing program 
Cervix healing with the crystal wand and yoni egg

Sessions will be


I am offering private online and in-person sessions
After receiving your assessment we will meet for the first session of 75 minutes 
followed by 4 sessions of 60 minutes.
In the first session we will find the best program for you and understand how it can be properly delivered to fulfill your needs.
For the online sessions we will meet live on Zoom.
The sessions will be recorded and available for you after for continuous practice