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25 Hours Yin Fascial Yoga Myofascial Release & 5 Elements Energetics

March 8th to 10th (SINGAPORE 2019)

This weekend training is an in-depth ENERGETICS study of the fascia movement fundamentals combined with Yin Fascial Yoga for a more balanced practice and teachings. Studying and experiencing the Chakra and Meridian system.
We will explore the energetic quality of the Chakra system throughout it’s emotional, physical & Psychological development.
Through the energetic release of any Tensions & Traumas stored in the fascial system, we can bring the body to its full potential.
Syllabus Coverage
    • Learn how to uncover, reveal and release the blockages that are inhibiting the freedom of movement and expression in the physical body caused by energetic stagnation.
    • Using Mindfulness to support the openness and presence in the practice.
    • Explore the energetic quality of the Chakra system through its Emotional, Physical & Psychological development.
    • Lectures on Trauma
    • Understanding of the Subtle body anatomy (Chakras & meridians)
We will be focusing on the energetic side of the 5 element system, looking into the meridian system and how it flows through the body and times of day that it fills each organ and meridian.
Delving deeper into the 5 element system to understand how each organ effects another organ, and how we can use the 5 elements system to balance our lives.
We will examine our energetic body to understand how Yin Yoga effects the energetic system and why it is an essential part of our practice. Looking at the relationships of Wei Qi, Ying Qi and Yuan Qi, you will learn about specific sets of points that directly open up into organs as doorways into to release constricted physical and energetic patterns in the 5 element system.
In this module, we will take all the knowledge from the first part to incorporate a practice that involves yin postures, fascia release, circulating of energy through the meridians, and using acupoints to release and tonify the organs. Focusing more on the energetic flow than the physical body, we can establish a more profound connection and understanding of mindfulness in our practice.
The full programme includes 2 modules of 25 hours training each, with Continuing Education Units (CEU) applicable for existing yoga teachers. This training is open to anyone with an interest in yin, qigong and the myofascial system. Non-teachers are also welcome to join, but some prior experience or background in yin/yoga practice is highly recommended!

Training Venue

All sessions will be held at our host studio, Yoga Inc, 100 Guillemard Road, #01-08, Singapore 399718.


Returning Beta Lisboa Students & Yoga Inc members – SG$ 550

Private Sessions

SG$ 220 / Hour

Sai Calder
a) Energetic Release b) Cupping Session c) Massage Release Through the Body
Beta Lisboa
a) Myofascial Release b) Somatic Experience



 For each part of this training there will be a 25 hour certificate.

With 20 hours of contact and 5 hours of non – contact for tutor supported studies and homework.

Please register with Yoga Inc here: https://yogaincshop.com/collections/yoga-inc-packages/products/yin-fascial-yoga-with-beta-lisboa-and-sai-calder