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The Spiritual Path of a Yogini

I’m here to offer you all a result of a lifelong dedicated experience of spiritual self development techniques, a combination that was a life changing realization for myself, that has brought me here ready to share with you the light of my knowledge. A refined combination of Yoga styles, Mindfulness, bodywork, contemporary anatomy studies, breath work, eastern and western holistic health perspectives and meditation. Culminating into a complete methodology of Dynamic Spiral and Yin Fascial Yoga

A feel into Dynamic Spiral Yoga…

This is a presentation on the Dynamic Spiral Yoga series. The nectar of the classes I have been teaching in my trainings and workshops. Deeply surrender to the practice with me…    

What people say about Beta



During this process my body went through immense change. My ankles swelled, my flu started to clear (i’d had it for 5 weeks already) I was super run down by the last year and this trip was truly fixing me. For the first time in what felt like maybe 20 years.



I loved working with Beta. Over a series of dynamic, immersive sessions, we used a number of technologies to affect deep change, insight and opening at the level of the body.



From this course I’m taking home a foundation of myself, a lot of more authenticity, obviously the training has also given me information and experience, but the personal development that goes with it is really profound.



The experience I had with this training is hard to put in words. I choose the Training to learn more about Yin Yoga, but at the end I learned more about myself. It was transformational.



Beta’s touch is soft like a feather, yet strong to hold you. Her treatments are working on levels that I didn’t know existed. She supported me tremendously on my healing path. Thank you for the sessions and teachings Beta!



After completing and graduating recently from the 300hours of Yin Fascial Yoga teacher training…I can say, without a doubt I’m a more solid in my skills, knowledge, capabilities when it comes to understanding the body, breath, energy, mindfulness on such a deep level.



Beta's training's are great for everyone that wants to dive into yoga and into a process of transformation or self-development. Subjects like anatomy, philosophy, teaching, technique and yoga practice are all covered.

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